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Excel Instructions
There are several different ways to use MS Excel to find material of interest to you in this spreadsheet.

  1. To review the spreadsheet section after continuous section, use your mouse, as well as the arrow buttons and the 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' buttons on your keyboard.
  2. To search for a particular phrase, name, edition number, etc., use Excel's "Find" capability by pressing Ctrl-F. Enter the text, or portion thereof, you're seeking. You may have to use 'Find Next' (or 'Find All') to review the different locations where the desired phrase appears in spreadsheet.

  3. To sort the entire spreadsheet according to your preference, press 'Ctrl-A'. Then, click on the 'Data' dropdown menu; then, select the first item listed - 'Sort'. Here is an example how to use the window now displayed: to find all the 'Book Reviews' (or, all entries called 'Symposium', or whatever) and display them sorted by publication date: select 'Article Name', 'Volume', and 'Number' - in that order - in the three displayed sort fields. Make sure the 'Header Row' button is selected, and press the OK button. Use options 1) and 2), above, to get to 'Book Reviews' (or 'Symposium'), and you will find them all there, sorted by date.

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